Mountain Health Warriors

was founded by Darrin Wahlberg to create freedom through self-
care education and optimizing the human experience. After experiencing my own stumbling blocks to genuine health and happiness that most of us have faced in this fast-paced
modern world, I decided to pursue my dream of empowering one person at a time towards their own ideal self by implementing personalized Holistic self-care practices. By empowering individuals towards Holistic health transformation, fitness and healing there is a positive ripple effect on the world and everyone we love and care about.


I don’t believe in the “one size fit’s all” approach that is unfortunately so common in the Health + Fitness industry these days. My approach is based on my education from the CHEK Institute, Ben Greenfield Longevity program and my eCornell Plant-Based Nutritional certifications along with my own successes, failures and Biohacking experimentation. Taking
responsibility for yourself and honoring your own unique body and biology is the fastest way to overall holistic health and wellness.

I invite you to invest in yourself and take your health and happiness to a new level. By working together I will provide you authenticity and honesty along with 25 years of what I have studied and learned by implementing the same self care and holistic practices in my own life and seeing amazing results.

My own transformation in Feb of 2020


I used the facial pics because it highlights how dull and inflamed I was from poor lifestyle habits and unmanaged stress. 

254 lbs

205 lbs

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